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Vote for the best stories of 2016

We’re expanding the voting pool for the awards this year, so read this entire post to find out if YOU are eligible to vote.

But first, here are the 2016 stories nominated by book bloggers across the internet:

Short Stories / Novellas

“Athan and the Priestess” by Schuyler Hernstrom, found in Thune’s Vision

Awakening” by Susan Kaye Quinn

“Edge” by Russell Newquist, found in Between the Wall and the Fire

“The Gift of the Ob-Men” by Schuyler Hernstrom, found in Cirsova #1

“The Glass Flower” by George RR Martin, found in Volume 2 of Dreamsongs  [DISQUALIFIED]

“Images of the Goddess”by Schuyler Hernstrom, found in Cirsova #2

Paper Cut by Aeryn Rudel, found in Issue 1 of Red Sun Magazine

“Purytans” by Brad Torgersen, found in the July-August issue of Analog Magazine


Arkwright by Allen Steele

Babylon’s Ashes by James SA Corey

The Girl with Ghost Eyes by MH Boroson [DISQUALIFIED]

Hel’s Bet by Doug Sharp

The Invisible City by Brian K Lowe [DISQUALIFIED]

Memories of Ash by Intisar Khanani

Murphy’s Law of Vampires by Declan Finn

The Secret Kings by Brian Niemeier

Swan Knight’s Son by John C Wright

How to vote:

If you were part of the nominating process, you don’t need to cast a vote. We will assume that you want to vote for your nominee(s). If you want to change your vote, or cast a vote in a category where you didn’t nominate, then post your new vote in the comments section below.

If you were NOT part of the nominating process, put your vote on your blog, podcast, or youtube channel.  Then, leave a comment on this page, so we know to count your vote. You get one vote for best short story and one for best novel, but you don’t have to use both votes if you’re only interested in one category.

NEW RULE THIS YEAR:  Although the nominees were chosen by the book blogging community, we’re allowing ANY blogger, podcaster, or youtuber to vote for the winners! We want food bloggers, travel bloggers, cat bloggers, dog bloggers, and anyone else who’s willing to publicly share about the book or short story they think is the best.  An expanded list of eligible voters is included in the video below:

The voting deadline is April 30th, 11:59PM US Pacific time.

Good luck to all the nominated authors!


13 comments on “Vote for the best stories of 2016

  1. JonM
    February 15, 2017

    Hate to say it, but on further review, “The Invisible City” is not eligible. I nominated it, and was subsequently informed that it was published in 2013. Oops.

    Count my novel vote for “Swan Knight’s Son” instead.


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  3. Planetary Defense Commander
    February 16, 2017

    Reblogged this on Planetary Defense Command and commented:

    More people are eligible to vote this year. Are you one of them?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. amidtheimaginary
    February 20, 2017

    Reblogged this on Amid The Imaginary and commented:
    It’s time to vote for best short story/novella and novel of 2016! The voting base this year has been expanded so have a look to see if you can cast your ballot for the winners!

    Liked by 1 person

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  8. Scott Cole
    April 8, 2017

    I’ll have my vote in Monday when my post posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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